Information Technology

Rapid changes in technology are compelling organisations to cope with new regulations and commercial requirements as well as meet existing requirements in new ways. Drawing on our strong transactional skills, broad experience and in-depth knowledge of industries, we provide an extensive range of advice to companies in every stage of development, from new high-tech ventures and start-ups to traditional businesses and multinationals. We have extensive experience in documenting and negotiating commercial deals involving information technology and related intellectual property issues, including information technology supply agreements, software and hardware development, shrinkwrap and licensing agreements, software and hardware support, and maintenance agreements.



Our practice assists organisations in navigating the complex web of legal issues which face those moving existing businesses online or creating new online businesses. Key areas include website and content development, ISP agreements, domain names, privacy issues, e-commerce transactions, internet portals, auction and retail sites.



We have also been involved in the telecommunication sector. The firm has assisted major private and state owned corporations in  the telecommunication sector. In particular we have advised international consortiums on large revenue sharing projects.


Construction Law

Soengkar & Partners understands that construction is a unique and complex business.  It requires resources, knowledge, and skill beyond the scope of the average commercial enterprise.  In addition to laws governing all businesses, the construction industry is subject to a host of additional laws, statutes, rules, and regulations unique to the construction industry.  Some are well-known, but many are obscure, often misunderstood, and may have costly and disruptive consequences.

Soengkar & Partners serves the entire range of legal needs of the construction and engineering industry. We advise on all aspects of the project, from tendering to completion and final accounts. Familiarity with and a practical understanding of the industry, the client's needs and the project's requirements and constraints, enable the group's lawyers to provide practical and timely counsel to developers, contractors, consultants and construction professionals. Our comprehensive practice includes:

  • Project structuring and project delivery

  • Risk analysis and risk management

  • Preparation of project and contract documentation

  • Negotiation of contracts

  • On-going project administration and advice

  • Claims preparation and negotiations

  • Dispute resolution through litigation, arbitration and alternative dispute resolution techniques


There has never been a greater need for the construction industry to work from a solid legal foundation.  Soengkar & partners is ready to assist you in building that foundation with services responsive to your needs.


Corporate Law

Sungkar & Partners general corporate practice remains one of its primary strengths. The firm's corporate law practice includes the establishment of companies, join ventures, mergers and acquisitions, liquidation, bankruptcy, legal due diligence as well as drafting of contracts and commercial documents. We frequently advise on mergers and re-organizations, join ventures, and foreign investment in  Indonesia. Our lawyers are competent to advise on all legal and regulatory aspects of foreign investment companies, from time to time, can include assistance in the employment of personnel, immigration matters, the renting of office premises, registration matters and liaison with the relevant authorities. In this regard our clients come from various industries such as electronics, IT, shipping, food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, banking and finance and telecommunication.


Arbitration & Mediation

At Soengkar & Partners, our lawyers are able to explore with clients and advise on all aspects of alternative forms of dispute resolution ( ADR ). They are well placed to identify and develop dispute resolution strategies, best suited to achieve the desired objectives. We have some of the most sought after arbitrators and arbitration counsel in our midst, with extensive experience in both International and domestic arbitrations. Our team of lawyers are well versed with not only arbitration, but also mediation techniques.


Financial Markets

The firm office an established practice covering commodities law, futures, derivatives and similar instrument. Experience includes the Jakarta Futures Exchange Clearing House, major brokerage and private corporation, government organizations and high net-worth individuals. The practice provides client advisory and representation services in addition to dispute-resolution and litigation. in-house capability is complemented by established relationships with leading local and international markets industry professionals throughout the spectrum of industry disciplines, including bilateral and cross-border issues, taxation and technology.


Banking & Finance

The firm advises members of the banking and the finance industry in various aspects of their business, such as the establishment of joint venture financial institutions, drafting of credit facility agreements and related security documents. We also advise generally on banking law and insurance.



The firm advises a wide variety of clients on matters pertaining to Indonesia labor law. We regulary assist management in both formal and informal disputes resolution proceedings with labor unions as well as individual employees. We constantly stay abreast of the last legal developments in labor law so as to properly advise on current applicable rules/regulations.


Intellectual Property Law

The firm assists its clients in domestic and foreign trademark registration and copyright matters, and conducts opposition, complaints, cancellation and administrative action in regard thereto. The firm frequently renders advice concerning the protection and utilization of products and for licensing of intellectual property rights. In disputes and in other issues.

Our lawyerss advise clients on protection of copyright, patents, trademarks and other intellectual property. The firm offers legal expertise necessary to provide our clients with efficient, prompt and cost-effective service in the intellectual property matters.

We provide our clients with the most up-to-date knowledge and experience in this constantly changing area. Our practice is national and international in scope. Through strong and proven working relation ship with other Intellectual Property Firms around the world, Soengkar & Partners offers a global reach for our clients.


Maritime Law

The practice area of shipping is involved mainly with maritime law, such as collision cases, salvage matters, cargo claims, charter party disputes and marine insurance. As such, the firm handles the attendant legal issues arising from the foregoing as well as from shipping accidents and oil spills.



Our litigation practice covers a board range of corporate, commercial, banking, probate and family matters. The firm has competent litigation lawyers that can provide expertise and advocacy required by complex contentious matters. They are experienced in representing clients in civil proceedings at both general courts and special courts. We are also able to provide representation in commercial arbitration proceedings which includes the enforcement of arbitral awards in forums under Indonesian jurisdiction.


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