Globalization seems to be characteristic of contemporary international relations. So far international movement of people, goods, services and capital has never been at such an intensive level. In many countries, the large partnership is a relatively new phenomenon, introduced as a result of globalization. Traditionally, the majority of law firms have been solo practices. There were no clear partnership accession policies and often no possibility for associates to accede to the equity partnership tier.

In the past ten years, many law firms adopted a real partnership structure as a result of affiliation with global law firms. The impetus for these affiliation (or in some cases alliances) was a desire by the firms to capture high-end capital markets, And because of the uniqueness of each country’s legal order, a necessity of cooperation in satisfying clients’ needs on an international basis occurs. As the twenty-first century begins, state and national borders are giving a good opportunity for lawyers and law firms around the world to share skills and clients through various cooperation agreements. And now we’re happy and proud to open the opportunity to make the relationship with another firm especially a foreign law firm for satisfying our clients without any  territorial border.

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